Resources for Implementing Accessibility in your App: VoiceOver

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I was in a Clubhouse room where someone mentioned the best resource to refer to a developer for implementing accessibility in their app.

I had that question a few years back working on Rocket.Chat iOS app to implement VoiceOver, and the answer was — it’s scattered all around the internet.

So here’s an attempt to gather all the resources I’ve referred to, both in UIKit and SwiftUI.

Note — This is the first iteration of the post, and I will add more resources as I stumble upon them. If you have any recommendations, please reach out to me on @rudrankriyam on Twitter.


VoiceOver is a screen reader built into Apple hardware that allows blind and low-vision users to use a touch screen by audibly describing elements of the screen as they pan or swipe around it.


I’ve mentioned Objective-C if that article contains examples in this language. Otherwise, most of them have examples in Swift.




WWDC Sessions

Sample Code

  1. Delivering an Exceptional Accessibility Experience



WWDC Sessions




I haven’t been able to find free resources on this, but I stumbled upon this book that has a whole chapter on it —

I hope you found it useful!

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