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Let’s Shazam everything

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

WWDC always have the best collection of music to groove to. During WWDC ’19, my friend used his Android phone to recognise songs played and made a playlist out of them.

My iPhone lacked such capability back then (or I wasn’t aware of any). Now with ShazamKit to the rescue, let’s create an app called for this purpose!

Note — This is beta software, and can change anytime in the future. For following the tutorial, you’ll need Xcode 13.0 and iOS 15.0. When writing this post, I used Xcode 13.0 Beta 5, and iOS 15.0 Beta 8.

What is ShazamKit?

ShazamKit is a…

Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash

I wanted to explore the tech industry from the first year of college, and the best way, in my opinion, was through internships.

I got the opportunity to start my career interning at a small startup, then working for an open-source organization, a one-person team, a client/product startup, Apple, and finally finishing it with a funded product startup.

I worked smartly with some networking (Twitter is wild!) to get some of these opportunities. I’m glad I understood the value of it early on, which helped me tremendously.

Now that I’m doing some funemployment, I want to share everything I tried…

MusicKit for Swift

Originally published on

The first part of the series is on authenticating yourself as a developer of the Apple Developer Program. Earlier, it used to be a long process and was a pain. Now, with MusicKit, it is as simple as a checkmark.

Old Way

Summarising the older process -

  • Register a new key with MusicKit service enabled.
  • Use this key to generate a JSON web token.
  • Send a header with the JWT for every Apple Music API request.
  • For accessing the user’s library, generate a user token as well.

I found the whole process complicated and confusing. I tried my…

MusicKit for Swift

Originally published on

Since last December, I’ve wanted to build my own music app. I started with the design out of boredom from not studying for end semester exams.

Initially, I wanted to make a Spotify client that focused more on individual songs instead of playlists. But, I felt the authentication process was complicated, and maybe the SDK as well. So, I abandoned my efforts and put this one in the side-project graveyard.

With the announcement of MusicKit for Swift during WWDC ’21, I’m excited to revive the project!

MusicKit is a framework for Apple platforms written using Swift…

New design of Gradient Game 3.0

Gradient Game is my first app on the App Store. I started working on it in early August 2019, when I wanted to improve upon a SwiftUI tutorial and create something of my own.

While I was really excited about shipping it on the day of the launch of iOS 13, I naively wrote a lot of unnecessary code without understanding SwiftUI and no proper architecture for future releases.

And it started piling up because I wanted to “fix” it later, and later never came.

It’s July 2021, and the first reaction looking at the codebase after months is -

Getting our app ready with the new iOS 15 SwiftUI features

WWDC 2021 concluded a few weeks ago. It was held online once again and was full of feature-packed content. With each session on SwiftUI delivering the gist of what the team surprised us with, we love the improvements and rich features announced. This year, Apple focused on supporting deeper adoption of the framework for our apps.

We’ll start from the same project we created in Build a Music Chat iOS App Using SwiftUI, while working through the new features of SwiftUI Release 3. …

A journey beyond the corporate job market

notebooks, pens, and a stack of books with a pair of glasses on top, sitting next to an open laptop
Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

It’s been exactly three months that I rejected multiple full-time offers to take a break and go towards the freelancing route. A Twitter friend encouraged me to write an article on why I decided to go from job security to the freelance world.


I’m a final-year student in college and decided to quit my industrial internship in February to take a break from everything. I had iOS developer offers, but I was reluctant to commit to 9–5. I wanted to explore further opportunities, and I felt that wasn’t possible while doing a full-time role.

Taking the Leap

I read numerous articles about how…

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

I solved a few hundred questions on LeetCode in Swift for my internship preparation in my third year. And I want to share my journey. This post summarises my planning and lessons learned along the way.

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book, “From a Small Startup to the Fruit Company: Internship Experiences.”


The introduction dates back to my fifth semester, around December 2019. My final semester exams were going on, and I was almost flunking them. (Except management, I love the subject)

I didn’t plan to interview anywhere for the following summer. …

Learn to say no more often

Woman pulling hat over her eyes
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash.

Burnout was something I didn’t believe in until I had zero motivation to wake up in the morning and open Xcode. I interned at three places last year during the pandemic. It was tricky handling the new stressful work-from-home environment. The internships worked as a distraction from online college life. But I worked more to escape reality, hence the burnout.

Tight Deadlines

I worked at a client/product startup in February 2020. It was all going fine, as I was handling the client’s work, working on their main app, and physical college. Around mid-March, I got an interview opportunity from Apple and I…

Photo by Julian Lozano on Unsplash

I’ve been a little sick lately and was lying in bed the whole day. So I got into this loop of thinking about how my life changed after learning to stop self-rejecting.

Flunking in School exam

The first example that sparked this musing was almost failing my final physics paper in the last year of school. I was (and am) extremely bad with this subject, and I knew that I would fail anyhow. So I started going through the compartment paper and realized these are even tougher. It was around 6PM a day before the exam, and I had two choices -
- Somehow, study…

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